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    I am going to start raising bees againg after 10 yrs being absent. My sons are old enough and interested. I would like to know if there are any clubs or beekeepers in the Gwinnett Co. area.


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    I don't know about Gwinnet, Co. but I know there are a few prominent beekeepers in the state of Co. Many of them are part of community farming and organic lifestyle communities.

    There is a website which outlines one of the organizations. It might be a good starting point to find out about similar community projects or beekeepers in your area, they might be one of the first places to look.

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    hello new bee
    you can look up georgia beekeepers *** . there alot in your area. also many beekeepers around atlanta put up your e mail address and I am sure someone would be helpfull.
    I help my area beekeepers on how to's of makeing euiptment to raiseing there own queens.

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    Welcome! I am not sure about Gwinnett County, I live in Butts County south of Atlanta. I can tell you there is a great bee club called Tara Beekeepers Association. They meet the third Monday of every month at 7:30 in Morrow, GA. (One Tonight) They are a great group of people and are very friendly and helpful to new beekeepers ( I am a newbee also). is thier website if you are interested.

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    Hi lilburnjoe,
    This site will have a link of the who's who in apiculture. It goes by state I think and will have the local clubs on it.
    This is the UGA Bee research lab. Lots of info and should have a link to the local clubs. Also have links to bee related problems in the state.
    This is the Georgia Beekeepers Association site. It like the others have a list of local clubs. The GBA is having the fall meeting on the 28th of this month. You could meet alot of beekeepers in the state and meet the leaders of the clubs there too.

    I'm the Chairman of the Eastern Piedmont Beekeepers Association, and live next door to you in Walton Co. If you need any help e-mail me.


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    Thanks for all the information. I look forward to future correspondence.




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