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    I, finially, got to inspect my hives today!!I have six and they were all breaming with bees, had plenty of food and even had a little brood. I didn't go in to deep because the temp was 50* but the wind was a little gusty.

    I used " Healthy B" in the sugar water. Has anyone else used this and how often do you use it in your hives!

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    I use HBH or a form thereof.... I believe in it.

    Haven't used it this year yet. I prolly will give this to them in March...

    It'll be 61 today so the syrup will be out on the porch.

    I hope to do a little inspection later on this evening.

    I'm starting to get excited about this years bee adventures. Cant' wait for my first sting of the year....

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    Like Dasiy, I will guess it's HBH (Honey Bee Healthy) that you are refering to. It's useful for lots of things. My biggest problem is that it seems to set off a feeding frezny that often results in robbing. But if you want to encorage feeding it certainly does that and there is evidence that it is helpful against a lot of infections and maybe even helful against some of the mites. But I wouldn't consider it my only line of defense on any of these.


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