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Thread: Selling Honey?

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    In the past I've overwintered 4 hives and had lots of honey for friends/family, but now I'm ready to super my 22 overwintered hives. As I think of how the supers will be overflowing with honey I wonder "how will I get rid of this stuff?!!" Can I reasonably get rid of 70lb/hive X 22 hives = 1540 jars of honey a year at a roadside stand? What is your experience?

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    I remember when i got what was my biggest honey harvest.I was worried what i was going to do with the stuff.I started going to the local farmer market and still do 5 years later.This is where i sell most of my honey.I would take honey everwhere i went.You will be surprised how many people will buy some,and replie i didnt know you had bees.soon the call come in for more or they all know you will be at the farmers market evrey week.I have sold 300 to 500 lbs like this for the last 5 years in a small town of about 10,000 people.i run out of honey in just a few months.If you can get this months copy of beeculture it has were people sell hone in it,some great ideas there

    Mitch KD8IMF


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