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    I have some friends who want to buy some unprocessed honey. can i just cut the top of cell off and drain the honey?What would be a good way to filter it?

    I ha ve some friends who want to buy some honey which is raw-no heat applied is their definition. Can i just cut the cell top and drain the honey?The volumn is too small to buy any special equipment.

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    Do you have an extractor? It won't drain if you just cut the tops off the cells. what you can do is scrape the comb gently down to the midrib (go gently otherwise you will cut this away, and dump it into a sieve. You'll probably need several sieves, so that you can fill one while another drains. The honey will then need to be passed through a coarse filter if you want to get the odd bits of wax out. It's a slow and messy process, but useful if you don't have an extractor, and only a small quantity of honey, and it does have the advantage of producing more wax than cutting the cappings off.

    If you don't fancy that, hire or borrow an extractor from somewhere. Do you have a local Beekeepers' Association which might be able to help?


    Robert Brenchley
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    What works good for me is to go to the Dollar store and buy three pair of "Kneehighs" stockings (1.00). Take and scrape the honey and comb out of one frame and then crush it in a pan of sorts and then hang the kneehigh up place the crushed comb and honey in and let it drain.Bottle it any way you see fit, just dont be in a hurry for it to drain....Rick


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