I am planning on adding 5 hives to my apiary next year and am working out what needs to be purchased. I have read many of Dee's articles on small cell beekeeping, and would like to start all of the hives on small cell from dadant. Buckeye Bee in Ohio says they have package bees that were raised on small cell. My question is really this: should I purchase only deep supers, and buy small cell for all of them? Does anyone else do this? One obvious advantage i can think of is that you will have lots of small cell comb to raise other colonies on, and all of your frames would be interchangable. Is it necessary to use small cell in the honey supers? I only have 1 hive so far, so I would like to start now using the organic - drug free beekeeping methods. If i should only use two deeps, and buy medium or shallow supers, should I still use deeps so I can split my 5 hives with 4 deeps to 10 hives with 2 deeps the second year - and just purchase honey supers the second year? I will try to regress my 1 hive, just for the learning experience. It is a DE hive from David Eyre at www.beeworks.com. I was also thinking about using his Langstroth modification kits for my 5 hives.

Thanks from a newbee,

Chris Williams