I was wondering what a fare price to charge for a complete hive would be. I've got some people that want to buy them from my beekeeping class (just tookover my grandfather's bees last year after he passed away). The bees aren't in the normal langsroth (sp) style hives but are in the old world style (posted about these last year) hives. Basically one big box with everything in it together. Anyway I'd be selling the whole thing. Bees, brood, leftover honey stores (I didn't get a chance to pull any honey from several of them last fall) etc. Granted the hives probably aren't worth anything to them because they'll just switch them over anyway. I'd say there's probably 25 deep frames in each hive. And their fairly strong (I had 19 of my 20 hives survive this cold PA winter so I've either got a strong strain or there's something to those hives.) So any suggestions on what I should charge would be helpful, I'm looking for a fair price for everyone. Don't want the rip anyone off but I need the $ to buy updated equipment.