I'm posting this on behalf of "Doug Haslett ..CCE volunteer.." <greeneny@yahoo.com>

I was asking Dr. Dewey Caron about using
various dried materials as smoker fuel to
assist 'Varroa destructor (jacobsoni)` in
becoming more susceptible to gravity (ie. fall
off bees). He had me contact Mr Eischen, Weslaco
Bee Lab. Mr Eischen stated using the dried
seedheads of staghorn sumac works.
I understand (from various past readings in ABJ)
some research has been done using various
essential oils.
What benefit, if any, is there to harvest
`Mentha' spp, allow it to dry & then use as fuel?
Can I beneficially use of whole aerial portion of
plant instead of using only 'esential oils'.
I grow apple mint, chocolate mint, spearmint
& peppermint for teas.
Any recommendation or directions to published
info would be appreciated or any insights of
ongoing research.
I am new to apiculture, have taken all the new
`Master Beekeeper' series of classes offered so
far from Cornell University via coop ext by Mr
Dennis van Engelsdorp. I am interested in
keeping a few hives of bees with minimum of
chemical treatment (hopefully none). He has
told the classes about the work that Dr. Nick
Calderone tried with 'esential oils'.
Thank you for your assistance/redirection.
Doug HASLETT, novice experimenter w/ bees