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    Chould a SBB be used when starting a small colony out in the spring? Or would you use a standard bottom board when starting this small colony in order to help the bees conserve heat in the brood chamber and avoid possible chilling of the brood?


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    The bees don't try to heat the box just the cluster around the brood. If they have stores to eat on they can keep the brood warm. The queen shouldn't lay more than the workers can take care of. I use SBB on everthing I have no matter what he size.

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    If you have concerns, I'd still use the SSB and just staple some twine in a "Z" formation under the board and insert a piece of cardboard cut to fit. It will close off the draft until they get established and the weather warms up.

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    I contacted a guy about buying nucs and he said that if you have a SBB you should have a slide underneath (which could be your mite testing board) when starting a new colony.


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