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Thread: How Long?

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    Due to horrific spring weather up here,
    I have been keeping 4 queens on my desk at work for a little over 2 weeks. They seem to be doing just fine. I water them daily, and they are active. How long can they last in this enviroment? Not one attendant has died, but i'm worried that when I'm finaly able to make some splits, the queen might be too stressed to lay. Any thoughts?


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    As long as the attendants are alive I figure the queen is doing ok. Hard to say how long they last. I would put them in a dark quiet room temperature place if you intend to coninue to keep them. The less stress the better.

    You could set up a nuc and use it as a queen bank. Just make a shim (like a 3/4" frame the size of a nuc) and put the cages on the top bars with the screen between the bars.


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