Earlier this month I posted a topic “Beekeeping trip to South Africa Dec 2004”

As I have said “This trip is going to be great but I need ideas from USA Beekeepers. I am not asking anyone to sign on the dotted line. I just simply need your input to make this trip as great as what I know it can be. John Guilfoyle, a very well known Australian Beekeeper, has arranged two such tours with my father in South Africa, and has absolutely raved for years about them.

Please ask questions and answer these questions and many more that you might think of.

What do you want to see? Where do you want to go? How long do you want the trip be last? Who do you want to meet, and who do you want to accompany us from the US Beekeeping world on the tour? Is this limited to only Beekeepers? Can tour members stay longer after the tour? Can other tours be arranged before, and or after the Beekeeping tour? What will the cost be? How safe will this tour be? How much will we learn? Will we have free time during the tour?
Why are you planning this so long in advance?

I am sure there are many more questions. Please as I have said, I do not want any commitments – just your ideas.

Come on ya’ll this is a tour for you; and you should have a say in it, your input will be very valuable to those who do go. We are over a 1000 members now; let’s see what we can do together. If any Beekeepers from other countries would like to join us, they will be most welcome. Please contact me.

Remember, travel broadens the mind.

Robin Mountain

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