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    I recently split my hive and took the nucs a few miles away to a friend's yard so that the foragers would not return to the parent hive. When I return them to my yard should I let them sit for a while before putting them into a deep box even though the frames in the nuc are drawn out and filled or immediately transfer them into the deep upon their arrival?

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    Are there queens in the hives or are they raising a new one? If you have a laying queen and the nuc is full you may as well put them in a 10 frame box. If they are rasing a new one, and you didn't give them a cell that was already a ways along, the new queen won't be laying for at least another 25 days (from when you made the split) so I'd just leave them in that box until she is laying. But it probably won't make a lot of difference either way.


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