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    Hi, my apiary supplies queen cells and instrumentally inseminated queens.
    This year I bought an incubator, and I put the queen cell in it 3 days before emerging (with water for humidity).

    I heard different opinions from other beekeepers regarding how long before emerging the queen-cells can be taken out of the hive and put in the incubator.
    Does anyone have experience working with an incubator?

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    I raise queens, but I don't have an incubator. I would do it on day 13 from when the egg was laid or day 9 or 10 from when it was grafted. This is about as late as is safe to make sure one doesn't emerge and kill the rest but late enough they are well developed. I don't know how much sooner it would be safe to do. Probably it's partly dependant on how accurate the temperature and humidity control in the incubator is. If it was good enough, in theory, you could do it as soon as they were capped.

    Here are some discussions on incubators:

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    Hi Guys,

    An incubator can be used so that queen starting/rearing hives can be worked on a 7 day basis. Without an incubator, the hives must be worked on different days, as the bees biology doesn't match up with our week. Sometimes errors will be made and production can be lost when lots of queen are raised and complex schedules are adjusted.

    Anytime after the prepupa stage will work. So build a schedule that works for you and place them in the incubator when it's most convient.



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