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    There is a lady who lives near me that has a colony in a single frame observation hive that has outgrown it and she called me wanting a box to put them in. So I provided her with a deep box of drawn comb (9 frames), a bottom board, and a inner cover - she already had a telescoping cover.

    Anyway, I normally just sell honey and have no experience selling nucs and the like. But this is just the equipment - she already has the colony. Can anyone suggest what a fair price would be for the equipment I provided?

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    Probably $60 or so... is my guess.

    The drawn comb is the tickler. I don't know how one would price that. It is worth a bit more (at least would be to me) than just frames and foundation.

    That I would wait on one of the other members with a lot more experience to chime in on.

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    It all depends upon the age of the equipment and frames!
    I sold a deep with some moth riddled wax in frames, a bottom and inner cover and rickity telescoping cover to a fella for thirty bucks--I don't need any of the equipment that I sold and it sounded fair. He was happy as can be!
    Just look at the cataloges for new pricing and go from there.
    Hope this helps.
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    Fair is what both of you agree to on price. I did a cutout removal this past week for $150. It took me 10 to 12 hours. It wasn't a big hive; I was just learning (it was my 3rd removal total). Two of my other swarms calls were complete busts . . . all expense to me.

    I ended up not getting the bees to stick around so I am glad for the $150 (they would have paid more because they wanted to put this house on the market this weekend . . .), but I would have probably still have done it for the experience.

    This was off subject a lot, but the owners are happy and I am happy. We all know that I could have done it for free or charged up to $300 (for 4 hours work; I don't have a bee vacuum, etc. though, or I would have been faster). To me $60 seems reasonable give or take $10. But what do I know I have $2,000 worth of bee equipment and sold about $30 worth of honey last year (my first year).

    P. S. You can buy a new package if you want with $60 here. I can now pay for my 5 year old son a junior bee suit as well as a cheapo pollen trap and not be out any MORE of my own money.

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    I guess my price depends on lot of what use it is to me. If it's old equipment and not the size I'm currently using (ten frame deeps for instance), I'd probably sell it cheap. If it's what I would normally use, it's worth more to me and therefore I would sell it for more.
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    I am in the process--rather successfully I might brag--in getting a chapter of the NC Beekeepers Association up and running in my county. We've gotten a lot of newbies to join us and in my attempts to make sure they stay interested, I've been "setting them up" from my surplus equipment. Some of it (the plastic stuff) I wouldn't've used anyway, other stuff (shallow honey supers) I've got lots of and can afford to share. Still other stuff (deep brood boxes, foundation, drawn comb, hardware cloth) is something I'd rather hang on to but in the name of promoting beekeeping, I've been giving that away too. I've been charging nothing for it, but have said that if these people want to thank me, the next time they place an order for beekeeping supplies, they can get me a medium box and frames (I'm still trying to convert totally to mediums). Sad thing is, so far, nothing.

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    here, I'd say 55 bucks considering fair use on the equipment. new may be more.


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