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    I have a beehive inside my stucco home and now they have entered through a window into my kitchen. Need immediate help or suggestion on who to call.

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    You mean some bees are flying around your kitchen? They are getting in the window? First figure out where they get in and seal it up. Second, remember the bees that are buzzing around are not mad, just confused and wanting out. They aren't hard to swat with a flyswatter if they bother you too much.

    So they live in the walls and enter and exit to the outside? Maybe you can find someone in Texas who would remove them for you. I wouldn't just kill them because the honey in the walls will melt and make a mess. If you can get a beekeeper who will either take all the comb out or put a trap on to let them leave but not get back in and then use a hive to rob out the hive in the wall then there won't be any honey in the wall. Then you want to make sure all the holes are sealed because other bees will smell the old hive and want to move in when they are swarming and looking for a home.


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