Well, today was like any other day. Read about a lady wanting to sell some bees. Called her went to look at the bees. Asked if they were gentle and how aggressive they were, she stated, very gentle and that she was just in them yesterday.

So my father and I went a put our bee suit on just in case. Opened the first hive, they were very aggressive and put the lid on almost immediately. Went to the second hive, it was worse that the first. My dad got stung once on the ankle.

Within 5 minutes he was complaining that everything was getting dark. He then said he felf real funny. I rushed him to the nearest hospital. By this time he was itching all over and his eyes were blood shot, he skin color was extremely red, like a real bad sunburn.

Got to the hospital, with 4 different shots and two hours later and a whole IV of Sodium Chloride, we left. He is fine and will be going to an allergist for treatment.

I told the lady, I was not interested in the bees, and realized this is not the way to spend a gourgous friday evening.

Anyone else have any stories or similar events.