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    Hi all,

    Need to take bees to local fair this week. But really only want to bring brood w/o queen. Many queens here are in the process of mating or just building up for fall after mating. How would you recommend keeping the bees in ob hive from drawing cells(no time for phermone lures and such)? Was thinking of exchanging the frames every other day. What would you do?


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    Every day a new frame and a new bunch of queenless bees getting the itch to raise one. Wouldn't it be easier to just let them make a queen cell and show it to the passerbys that are interested and then destroy it when you go home? Only one frame to search for queen cells instead of all of those. I've seen them start two queen cells when they had only been queenless overnight (8 hours or so). Leave the same frame in the observation hive and just give them a potty break every day in late afternoon somewhere where there are no people. That's what I think I'd do.


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