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Thread: Honey Plants?

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    Has anyone ever got a honey crop from the plants listed in the ABJ June edition.

    They are listed as:
    Phacelia tanacetifolia = Fiddleneck


    Penstemon Laevigatus = Beard Tongue

    Just wondering, plan on planting a couple of acres to see if I can get a surplus crop.


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    I did plant some purple tansy (fiddle neck? haven't heard it called that before), but I didn't plant it as a crop really. I just sowed some seeds to see if the bees do work it. What I noticed is that they really stayed in it when it first started blooming, but soon quit. It could be the climate here, or it could have been that something better started blooming. I am going to try a plant a large area of it next year and see if it seems to be a good early nectar source because it starts blooming fairly early here. Someone in a different thread a couple of months ago mentioned that it can be invasive, but imo, it can't be any worse than Johnson grass, lol.


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