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    Here it natural for bees just to decide to abscond(Maybe because they are Africans).Is it the Same with your bees?.

    Beekeeping Extension is my concern

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    I have had them abscond on two or three occasions in 30 years of keeping only a few hives. I'm guessing that is less than you experience.

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    I have heard that is common among Scut. bees.It is very rare for European races to do that.We have seasonal swarming but thats about all.I wonder if absconding gets less common as the Africanised bees move into temperate zones with colder winters.It would be a fatal trait.I was told many years ago about a breeder who received African breeding stock from the govt.He said the bees would fly out in cold weather and perish.

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    This spring I tried to move a hive of feral bees from a wall to a hive. They abandoned their brood and absconded, then came back 3 days later to return to the torn-up wall. I succesflly moved them to a hive later.

    They swarmed this fall, leaving me with a laying worker. I want the bloodlines because I think they are disease resistant, but I have decided to buy a queen next year and raise a daughter queen to mate with the wild bees. I KNOW that hive is somewhere close by because I have seen the bees; their color is a little unusual.

    I have decided that those feral bees may be a little too flighty for me. I went to a bee demonstration and the bees they showed us were MUCH calmer! My feral bees did not sting, but they flew in circles and acted confused every time I tried to work the hive.

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    Sometimes you never can tell what bees want or can do it all depends on them.

    But here abscondment without notice is one of the one act our bees know how to do best.
    With time we will overcome this.


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