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    I am expecting a new Russian Queen today for a split but the weather is cold and rainy it has taken about a week for her to be shipped should a wait until tomorrow for better weather or would it be best to do as soon as possible? What steps should I take to make the queen more comfortable until then?

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    I always figure that making the bees angry before an introduction will increase the chance for rejection. I'd wait. Put a drop or two of water on the screen wire for the bees to drink. Do this at least two or three times a day until you install the queen.

    Keep them in a warm (but not hot), dry, dark, quiet place. On a shlef in a closet that is seldom used is a good place. Make sure they are not cold or hot and they have plenty of air. Not like they can breath all the air in a closet in a day. But don't lay anything on them that would restrice the air.


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