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    I have one hive and just moved to a new house. It is in a wooded area and I set up the hive in one area while I cleared a sunny area nearby. It took a few days to do this. Last night, I moved the hive. Today, all my foragers returned to where the hive USED to be. There are about a hundred angry bees buzzing the area. The hive has a bunch of bees buzzing around it, but they aren't coming and going, they are just flying in circles. The hive is now about 600 ft from where it used to be, heavy woods lie between.

    Should I move the hive back to where it was?
    Should I just wait a few days and let things settle down?
    Should I forget about all the bees at the old location?


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    It's probably night time where your at, the bees may have clustered near where the old hive was. Take the hive back to where it was, tonight. Tomorrow night move the hive 3-4 miles away. Give them a few days at this location, then move it to where you want to, just do it late in the evening or at night.
    The whole idea here is that you must move the hive 3-4 miles away to get the bees to go the hive once moved.
    I made a stupid and never again mistake today. I was moving some hives to eastern NC so that they can fill up on cotton honey. I was wearing shorts, as ussual, and lifted a hive, not noticing that the hive bottom wasn't nailed to the brood box. I had some mad bees going up my shorts and the ol farmer that was watching me almost had a heart attack laughing at me coming out of my clothes! I got 5 stings, but not where it would "count" lol.

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    You broke one of the bee rules. The standard is to move the bees either one foot OR one mile. Anything between causes them trouble.

    If I were you with only one hive I would make a split. Split the existing hive and place the new split where the hive was located while you were cleaning. The bees will go right in. After a week or so you could move the split from its present location in 1 ft increments OR you could move the hive to a friends place for a few weeks. After a few weeks bring the hive home and combine it with the original hive. Do all your moving at night so the field bees do not get left behind.

    There are probably as many opinions on moving a hive as there are beekeepers so this is just MY opinion. GOOD LUCK


    P.s. remember if you do make a split, that one hive will not have a queen and will probably make one. When you combine the two splits you can squish the queen of your choice or let em fight it out.

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    You wrote:

    Should I just wait a few days and let things settle down?

    Yes, the bees will re acclimatize with the sun to their new spot in a few days and the stragglers will be called home also, besides looking for it.


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    Just place empty box with lid where old hive was. Keep lid propped open let bees cluster. In the evening shake them into desired hive. Repeat for a day or two. Things will settle down and adjust. (note: don't do this with entire yard)just a hive or two.



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