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    Hey, that's just the way it goes around here. Sometimes people here have some information on what you are asking about and sometimes they don't.

    Don't get upset because no one reading had anything to say about easyframes. It's not personal.

    I had seen them advertized, but know nothing about them, I moving to Permacomb exclusivly. As far as I am concerned, drawn frames of wax are mite infestations waiting to happen. I have far fewer mites in PC than in the few boxes of drawn frames that I have left. All that other junk is going by-by next spring.

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    thank you , just looking to be ready for spring, got 9 hives now . looking to add 10 or 12 this year with splits & swarms DEANO

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    I've been gone for a few days or I would have responded. IMO, you made the right choice buying frames from Mann Lake. I have had a hard time getting the bees to draw the EZ frames. I had no problem with Pierco or Ritecell(Mann Lake). Don't know why they wouldn't draw the EZ Frames but they screwed up more of them then they drew out correctly.

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    thank you,


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