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Thread: Holey pallets

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    I am building pallets for my hives. Two people recommended putting half inch holes in the rear, outboard area of the "bottom board" section of the pallet. The hole is to keep water from building up. One guy covers the hole with hardware cloth, the other leaves the hole open. I am unsure if water holes are necessary and if harware cloth covers are helpful. I would like to know what others do/recommend. Thanks!

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    i am also building pallets, but i am screening the entire bottom (less the framework). the pallets i have seen don't have holes in them, but it sounds like a good idea. i think i would cover them with hw cloth just in case i needed to shut them in for some reason. however, the bees may try to seal them up if they dont want them.
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    Water will stand on the bottom if there is no where for it to go and if the bottom isn't slightly sloped toward the entrance. I've seen puddles as high as the bottom board (3/4") just from condensation, in cool and in cold weather, with a solid bottom with no entrance. And then you have the blowing rain...
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    I work for Edwards Wood Products in Marshville NC . We built just about any kind of pallet you could want. Last time I talk to one of the guys in the Pallet design office we were making over 900 differnt pallets. They can custom build pallets also. I dont know a whole lot about the pallet production ,I work in the sawmill as a Saw filer....maybe they can help ...Give them a call:
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