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    A local ag supplier sells 12 volt pumps designed for fuel for a few hundred dollars. A fuel supply company said that fuel pumps have an interior that will rust when a water based fluid is pumped. So what can I use to pump food to the bees. I am getting tired of moving a 55G drum to the edge of the truck and hauling feed in buckets to the hive.

    Anyone use Dadant's product here

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    Hi Joe,

    I've used the pump with division board feeders. It can be better than the bucket method. But most who have tried these approaches move away from the division board feeder and either drum feed the whole yard. A board or branch is put in an old barrel. It should be long enough to just prop up the barrel lid. The barrel is filled 3/4s full and then about 1/4 bale of straw is spread over the top of the syrup. A little syrup is dribbled over the straw to attact the bees.

    Or/and they use 2L pop bottles with three or four very small holes drilled in the cap. These bottles are inserted in a whole drilled in the migratory lid. These bottles are often filled with some interesting devices that fill a whole crate at one time. With this system, the pump, its power and maintenance are back at the honey house.

    If a guy wants to remains tethered, some beekeepers use compressed air to power the syrup rather than a gasoline engine. There's alot less maintenance, fumes, noise, mess, etc. than with the gas pump. Others use a 12v electric motor rather than gas.

    Some Thoughts
    Knowing that feeding syrup is a sticky, tiring business. And it gets old very fast.
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