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    It stopped raining this morning and the sun came out, so we worked bees. I have three second year hives that have built up well. I bought 6 NWC queens to split and re-queen with. The first hive had 3 mediums drawn foundation and a 2 week old box of starter strip cut comb. My mentor helped me go through the 4 boxes several times. We found a couple of queen cells not capped. We never found the queen but tons of brood and eggs. We ended up splitting it into two hives. We'll check in a day or two to see which is queen right and which will get a new queen. The next hive was 4 medium boxes full of drawn foundation and bees and two of cut comb starter strips. We found about 20 queen cells, capped, emerged, etc. Caught two virgin queens as they emerged. We ended up splitting it 4 ways, leaving the original box with the cut comb boxes on the original stand. Again, we'll see in a few days if any of the boxes are without a queen. There are likely virgins running all over in those. In the last hive, again 4 strong mediums with 2 cut comb, we just divided it in place with bottom boards. We didn't find as many queen cells, but there could be an extra virgin running around in it as well. I really want to re-queen this one as it has more attitude than I like. I'll likely make nucs with the new queens if I can't confirm queenless hives in a few days.

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    Sounds like a good plan to me. (Never hurts to have a few "extra" nuc boxes laying around)


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