I picked up a squirrel-house colony the other night. It's like a big plywood birdhouse, but made for squirrels with about a 2" entrance hole and 1/4 drain-holes around the edges of the bottom. The bees took up there about 1 year ago according to the homeowner. It is about an 18" cube. There aren't a lot of bees in there...I think they must have recently swarmed. The box is nailed together so it sholdn't be hard to remove the top. I assume I'll have to cut the combs from inside and tie them into frames in a deep with string. What would be the easiest and most effective way to do this? Do I let the bees go crazy while I transfer the combs? Should I try to shake the bees off first. The bees have about covered over the entrance with propolis and they have combs right up to the hole and they too are propolized with small individual entrance tunnels into the box.