I was offered an old hive today by a business acquaintance, if I want it. The hive was left out in the back of a field behind a place of business and has not been worked or had any human intervention for the past 5 or more years. I went and looked at the hive externally (didn't have any of my equipment with me). It consists of 1 deep super (hive body) with 3 medium and 2 shallow supers on top of that. It looks like the bees no longer use the hive entrance, but rather are now using two lower corners of the top super (where the wood was either broken or rotted) for going in and out of the hive. I couldn't see the original entrance due to the position of the hive. There was lots of coming and going by the bees, and they look like slightly smaller than usual Italians, if I had to take my best guess. I did not see any defensive behavior when I got fairly close to the hive. I would bet the bottom board is fairly rotted, and the supers probably aren't in the best of shape either. My question is this: What's the best way to move the hive considering that some of the wood may be pretty weak? I didn't see a queen excluder, unless it is plastic or just wire without a wood frame. If the hive is full, there's no way I can move it due to the weight without completely breaking it down super by super. Will it be propolis and wax hell? Any suggestions? Thanks for any info.