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    While at work today , One of the city employees here at the airport came looking for me. He was mowing on the airport and came across a swarm of bees in the field . When i say in the field I mean in the middle of about 20 acres in the threshold at the end of the runway Usually im prepared at least a veil in the car...not today although I did have a cage there from the bee vac. Off we went by the time we got there there was 2 fire trucks and every airport worker except the airport director lol.
    I have removed a colony before on the field, so they decided to see if I would want them.
    What luck they were on a sunflower the only one in the whole field. I quickly looked them over and grabbed the lower stalk and cut it and placed the swarm in my cage and slid the lid closed and walked back to the truck.
    Then they hit me with the usual questions, ever been stung, does it hurt,are you crazy.
    The question that really got me was how did you know they arent AHB? Here in deep S. Texas its a pretty common for people to get attacked by AHB,s here. My answer left them looking at me like im some nut. My response was I Didnt Know, they they said what would you have done if they attacked you? I said I would have pushed one of you fat boys down to the ground as a sacrifice and would have jumped in the truck and locked the doors.
    Im wondering how big of a crowd I will have next time there is a swarm on the airfield, lol
    Excellent swarm about 4lbs maybe more ,a very grey/black swarm, they have already been moved into their new home here in the backyard. swarm of the year i just had to brag.


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    Great story. Nothing I love more than bees and flying. I'm actually flying down to southern IL to pick up my packages this year.
    Central IL... where there are more hogs than people and more soybeans than hogs and people put together.

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    That is so funny, There is nothing better than to woo a croud like that. thanks for sharing
    Todd Zeiner


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