Are there any Texas or New Mexico beekeepers reading this forum that have contacts with apicultores south of the Border? Someone in the states of Chihuahua or Durango would be the closest to where I need help.

I am still thinking hard about the same situation I described in my opium:honey query I posted earlier this week. The top bar hive BB has been a great help. TBH definitely looks like a great way to go in a remote, rural 3rd World situation where the new beekeepers couldn't afford to buy gear from far away.

I could take my ( admittedly limited) knowledge of beekeeping and pictures or plans for TBH's easily on a mission trip. I can probably raise funds to buy basic gear like hive tools, smokers, and veils. What I can not imagine how to do is get USA-raised/bought bees across the Border, even if the bees are not for sale but for economic development / gifts.

I am assuming that any nucs or package bees I could get from a beekeeper deep in Mexico would be Africanized to some degree. Wrong thinking?

Or could it be possible that there could be biological "sky islands" in the high Sierra Madres -- like we see in New Mexico or Arizona -- places where there are bees haven't been in contact with other bees down on the plains?

I would be most grateful for any hints as to who I might call or write about sources of bees in northern Mexico. The Spanish language is not a barrier for me, so if you know someone I could contact that only speaks espaƱol, that's great.