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    In reference to castlebee's question- what are some techniques to ventilate one's hives? I have screened bottoms, inner covers and telescoping tops.

    Crack the top? how do you do this without creating space so bees can enter to rob, etc?


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    Hmmmm. I DO create a space that the bees can enter and I think that's a good thing. I have ONLY a top entrance but I'd want one anyway. IF you use an excluder it's the only way drones can get out of the supers. IF you use an excluder it's a way to the honey supers without going trhough the brood nest. The bees will gaurd it. If it worries you, then screen the inner cover hole with #8 hardware cloth (and buy the unnotched version of the inner cover) and then prop up the telescopic cover, or better yet, add a box and then prop the telescopic cover on that. That way there is more height to create more of a chimney effect. But I do find yellow paper wasps building nests in there from time to time. I'm always glad I'm wearing a veil. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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