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    Hi all,

    I'm looking for nice clear plans for a bottom mounted (not front)pollen trap that would work for commecial setup. Rear collection drawer prefered. So let me know what type you think is good? I like the sundance traps but are expensive. Looking for a trap similar to a modified OAC trap. I have acess to all types of hardware cloth from #5 mesh to #8. Would mostly like plans for a good working design. Also what you think one of those good designs are?


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    BILLY BOB Guest


    Hi Clay,

    I have a bottom mounted pollen trap that I like. It has a pull out tray from the side but could be changed to the back. It works nicly and I like it. The problem is I don't have the plans for it. Just the trap. I could take some pics and through some lines on the paper for you if you want. Mail me and let me know.


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    BILLY BOB Guest


    Hey I sent the pics let me know if it didn't turn out good


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