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Thread: queen mass pro.

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    how do you mass produce queens like companys do. and how do you do the whole package bee concept. which bees are used in this concept nuc hive bees from mating yards?

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    A big subject. Brushy Mt. Bee Farm has a video on package bees. It's informative for the curious and gives a good overview, but lacks a lot of detail too.

    Raising queens is a large subject in itself. The short version is you transfer some very young worker larvae (less than 90 hours or so old) into a queen cup and entice (by one method or another) the bees into rasing queens from them. A good cell starter and builder will raise 24 or more queens on a rack. Just before the queens emerge they are moved to some queenless mating nucs that are often made up of shaken nurse bees from various hives for the queens to emerge, mate and start to lay. Then they are caught and put in a cage with 6 or 7 young nurse bees for attendants and mailed to you or put in a package.

    To do packages they take a large box and go from hive to hive and pull frames from the brood nest and shake them into the box. Sometimes there is a box with an excluder and another box on top to filter out the drones. These are mostly young nurse bees because they are from the brood nests. After getting a large number of bees in a box they are measured with a scoop and put in the boxes you get them in along with a can of syrup and a caged queen.

    Nucs are just small hives. They are usually five frames with three being brood and bees and two being honey and pollen. They may have been wintered that way or they may have been split off early in the year with some raised queens installed.

    Hope this helps.


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