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    last summer I built an experimental bottom board with a removable bottom's/slats/slats.html

    a design flaw resulting from "design on the fly" resulted in a slide it try that goes above the screen instead of below
    in Dec we had a cold rainy nasty spell where I had the tray in the hive
    towards the end of it I removed the tray to look for mites, it had 15 or 20 "dead" wet bees on it
    I took it to the house (hives in backyard) to look it over in comfort
    after 15 min these "dead" bees started slowly moving
    I mean they weren't just dead looking, they were soaking wet
    within 2 hourse they were flying around the house trying to get out
    I trapped em in a glass and took em back home


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    I remember when I was a kid I would go around on the snow and collect a bottle of dead bees and bring them to school and when the teacher was writing on the board I would be blowing on the bees to bring them back to life. We would get early .Stangely enough I'm a teacher now as well as a commercial bee-keeper.

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