Hi all,

I removed a hive of bees from a tree near my home last week (North/East Georgia). All seems to have went well. They have taken to their new home and 4.9 mm foundation with ease.

My question is, what type of bees do I have. My father told me that they were always called "black woods bees" or "wild" bees.

The bees are black in color and have a light or little to no yellow bands. The cells that they came from measured out to 4.91mm. They are ill tempered, and keep a partol around the hive of about 50+ ft. The patrolling bees will buzz around you untill you leave the area. If you swat at them (yes, I know better but my old hound dog doesn't) you are encouraged to leave a little quicker than you went in the patrol area.

When I open the hive, smoking helps a great deal, but unlike my Italian bees, I have to keep on smoking them on and off to keep them under control.

It anyone can tell me what type/race I have. I would appreciate it.


Billy Bob