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    I was wondering what people do with the extra honey that get. For example, after you have harvested the 2005 crop and bottle is and sell it. Say you do not sell all of it by the time you are ready to pull supers off of the 2006 crop, what do you all do with the 2005 honey?

    It was suggested to me by a beekeeper to sell the 2005 crop and when it comes time to harvest your 2006 crop, sell your remaining honey to a whole saler.

    Keeping the honey in the comb and freezing it is not an option for me and even thought I know it is ok and still good, I tend to like to sell that years product.

    What do people do with the extra honey that they can not sell?
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    Sell it. Don't keep it. That is what I do with it.
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    Like said sell it or some peole feed it back to the bees ealy in spring Or maybe mead.I guess it all depends on how much extra you have.I may have extra this year for the first time.
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