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    Dear All,

    I recently found a bunch of budding beekeepers on the remote Eastern slope of the Andes where I was giving a class in natural energy (small scale hydro).
    This is a rural agricultural extension of the Catholic university called Carmen Pampa. The students are nearly all from rural families.
    Carmen Pampa has a very active bee program led by highly able instructors.
    I took the opportunity to introduce them to top-bar hives, which they had never heard of. I had built one for display with the help of members of this group.

    It is probable that several of the students in the beekeeping program will do their thesis on TBHs.
    Carmen Pampa has just recently gotten an Internet connection and now they will be able to benefit from the helpfulness and experience I have found in this group.
    I will be at Carmen Pampa again in a few days and would be happy to introduce them to this group. Are there members of this group who communicate in Spanish?

    To see photos of this beautiful place, go to Google Images and simply write in carmen pampa

    All the best,
    Ron Davis,

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    i can communicate in spanish, and would actually like the practice! Perhaps a forum for common foreign languages might be in order. beesource worldwide!


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    Jason G in Tennessee Guest


    S├*,yo hablo espa├▒ol. Yo quisiera hablar con ellos de abejas y los metodos de guardar abejas. Tambi├ęn tengo mucho inter├ęs en visitarles en su pa├*s.
    Jason G in TN.
    (Yes, I speak Spanish. I would like to talk with them about bees and methods of beekeeping. Also I am intersted in visiting them in their country.)
    JG in TN

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    rwjedi Guest


    I speak a little spanish and could read most of what he posted above me with out the translation . The practice would be good for me too.

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    I forgot to mention that Carmen Pampa accepts volunteer instructors in various fields for short periods every year.
    Often these are from the U.S.
    Carmen Pampa is run by a friendly nun from N.J. who would be glad to discuss this with potential volunteers. Spanish helps, but is not essential in all cases.
    Ron Davis

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    Estimado Watermotor:
    Soy Guatemalteco egresado de la universidad de Ohio, t├ęcnico en apicultura. Domino el tema de apicultura en ingl├ęs y espa├▒ol.

    Estar├ę gustoso de colaborar con Carmen Pampa.
    Estoy seguro que sitios web de Argentina y Brasil pueden ser muy ├║tiles para su programa.

    Si puedo ayudar, por favor no dude en contactarme. Desdafortunadamente mi situaci├│n financiera no me permite servir como voluntario ahora.
    Alejandro Nicol

    Dear Watermotor:
    I am Guatemalan; studied beekeeping technology at the Ohio State University. I am fluent at beekeeping in both English and Spanish.
    I will be glad to cooperate with Carmen Pampa. I am sure web sites from Argentina and Brazil would also prove helpful to your program.
    If I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. Unfortunately, my financial situation does not allow me to volunteer at this time.
    Alejandro Nicol


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