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Thread: Swarm at work

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    I walked outside at work about 11:00 this morning to find the air fairly full of bees. Not thick, but about like standing in my beeyard during a decent flow. My lab opens onto a mile long aircraft hanger. I started trying to mark the bees and realize they were entering the big hanger door. I found a double handful of bees clustered on a table inside. As the day went on, the small cluster disbursed and now there are maybe 40 bees there. I figure they are making a hive somewhere in the hanger, but there are 1000s of places to look. It is probably a small swarm. We are in a major drought and dearth right now with 100 degree temps. I live a couple of miles away as the crow (bee) flies, so they may be mine

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    Hi Ross,
    One of the things you can observe on the cluster is the wagtail dance, when they are close to their destination. As they get closer to moving, you can see more and more bees doing this. The distance they are from their new home is indicated by the frequency of the wag. It's fun to watch until you find out they aren't excited about your offering!
    The ones left on the table are the 10 percenters (if you've been in the military you know what I mean). They will find the new home or return to their old home when the queen smell dissipates.
    It's fun to watch that procedure, too. They will take off and make bigger and bigger circles until they find what they are looking for, or give up and go home.
    Jon, N6VC/5


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