Hi, My mom just got a beehive from a friend about 6 months ago. The bees have been doing perfectly fine- until today! We were outside this morning when I noticed there was no activity. We found all the bees dead lying on the front of the hive and in groups around in the grass. There are a few survivors, but they are all acting sick or confused. It looks as if someone just took a can of spray to the whole thing, but of course nobody would do a thing like this-and we can't smell any poison. We haven't been able to get hold of our friend who checks on our bees all day, and we have nobody to help us. We opened up the hive and there were dead bees everywhere. Can anyone help??? These bees were perfectly fine yesterday, and I don't see how a whole hive of bees could be decimated in just one night. The queen is must be dead because we don't see her anyhere. Can anybody give me an answer as soon as possible? Thankyou, westendgirl

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