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Thread: spring cleaning

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    Ok. My question to help newbees and lurkers for today. What are the beekeepers spring chores? When should they be done? Why? Anything else you'd like to add here pertaining to the topic?


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    Well, I'm still waiting for a chance weatherwise! Over a foot of snow this past week, and guess what it's doing right now... I went in last week on a really marginal day and quickly reversed the hive bodys (cluster on top moved to a new bottom board and covered back up, too cold to mess with). I cleaned out all the dead bees, cleaned up the frames and bottom board to get it ready for later. There was a lot of stores left and set that aside for now, I'll put on a second hive body full of drawn comb an a bit of honey and pollen as soon as it warms a bit. Fought a TOUGH vmite battle last year, so will probably add a couple of strips til nectar flow (sorry, not up on alternatives yet, but learning fast). Will feed them thin syrup at that time to get brood going. My plan is to start a new hive or two from my own stock (particularly if they try to swarm), and try to catch one or more if possible. All I can think of at the moment.



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