This will be a week by week test on not using any treatments on the 50 hives I have regressed to small cell.
Today I moved all my small cell hives into 5 different locations with 10 hives in each location. I will continue treating 5 hives in each location with FGMO fog and the old type cords, and not treating the other 5. I will have weekly mite drop tests and ether roll tests.
All hives are 18 inches above the ground on SBB, with 2 deep hive bodies and starting with 2 suppers with a migratory cover. There will be GardStar ground drench used monthly to control SHB but no other treatments. 5 untreated hives on each site are the test hives and the 5 treated with FGMO will be the control group. This test will start 01/01/2004 in central Florida

Clinton Bemrose
just South of Lansing Michigan