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Thread: Feral Bees

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    Someone we know saw my hive in our guarage and they used to keep bees long ago which I was unaware of. He said that he had some hives on his property that have been there for 15 years with out any one really taking care of them. He gave them to me and as we where taking the boxes apart there was actually a cluster of bees that were isolated in an 8 frame box, there where 9 8 frame deep boxes with frames they need cleaning out but none are rotten . The bees that where there where in just one deep 8 frame box with a top and bottem, the box had swarm scrached into it so i think that it was used to start hiving a swarm.

    sorry about the hard to understand writing....just thinking outloud

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    Always good to find bees that are ALREADY surviving. That's a good sign.


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