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Thread: SMR Queens?

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    I am located in South Central Texas. Here we are blessed with the normal diseases and pests plus our African pals. The big local breeder says his quees are bred for resistance to mites etc. Does not say they are SMR, but just "bred" to be resistant. Goes as far as saying they do not do any treating whatsoever. Also "drone flooding) takes care of the AHB risk. Hummmm??

    What are your thoughts on SMR queens? Worth the money? I do like the idea of an AI queen so at least I know who the daddy is.

    Anybody using any of the SMR hybrids?


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    I am using NWC, from Strachain Apiaries, and from Lenard Pankratz CAN - AM Apiaries. I also have bought a cross Carniolan x SMR from Glenn Apiaries (she is AI). They also have pure SMR too. Flooding a area with drones is ok but it has been shown that african drones start flying earlier than the others and well one or two won't show up in the line to much but if she got breed with african then you may have a problem. Try Glenn Apiaries they are on the webb and so is Strachain Apiaries. I think you will like what they have to say about thier bees. I hope this helps you.

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