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    Here is my website, opinions, critisim, ect. is always appreciated.

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    Interesting site.

    Did you do the coding yourself? These little projects (maybe not so little) are really nice for a change of pace.

    You may consider a border around your pictures that are over the links. I can't say for sure, but it might make them easier to see against the photo background on your main page.

    The calendar page and the Bees and Equipment page may benefit from better contrast between the background color and the text, but their not bad and are certainly readable as is.

    Can I point out a couple of typos?

    First paragraph in About Us
    need more than(k) a pint

    Second para in About Us
    take the bees a(s) far south

    Those things always sneak in and when you've written the material yourself, they're hard to spot. It usually takes a second pair of eyes to proofread. I didn't read the whole site carefully, these just popped out.

    Nice job. You'll find as time goes by that little things will pop out at you that you want to play with. That's good. The more you play with your site, the better it gets.
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