13 days ago I received my new queen and placed her with 4 frames of capped brood and workers on those frames. (two frames from two different hives) I put the frames in the body 2 days before I received my queen. She has now been freed 10 days.

I see her on a frame that has drawn comb, but I do not see any new eggs. How long does it take for her to decide to start laying?

I have noticed that some of the bees seem to be fighting. It looks to me like they are picking on young bees. Also, I do not see many workers bringing in pollen.

Should I add two more frames of capped brood with workers to increase the population or let it build on its own? Are they going to continue to fight? They are drinking 2 quarts of sugar water in 24 hours.

I want to do what is best for the survival of the hive.

Thank you for your help.