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    Hello All,
    I've read much of what has been written on the forum about the different means of combating the mite problem. Although I have found some stuff on Acetic Acid, there hasn't been a lot that I couldn't find. As a photographer, I have a fair amount of Acetic Acid. It sells for $4.49 per pint and this is 28%. Vinegar being 5-8%. Since it's kind of a natural chemical I thought I'd investigate its use more. Has anyone been using Acetic Acid? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it'd work fine in the Burgess propane fogger.
    When fogging, how many seconds do you apply the fog to the hive? Can I assume that you apply by removing the top and directing the fog downward?
    I'd be very interested in hear from anyone who has used this chemical and how it worked for you.

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    My guess is it will corrode the foggier badly. The foggier is designed for FGMO with insecticide in it. Most of use are using it with just FGMO in it or FGMO and thymol. But glacial acetic acid is not oil soluble and is very corrosive.

    I have heard of people using it. I have not heard of many people using it nor any rave reviews of it by anyone.

    The Oxalic acid seems cheaper, easier and more effective.


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