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    Hello guys,
    I have a hive I would consider very strong, this year made me over 250 of honey . been watching the hive lately and see hornets or wasps trying to enter the hive they are very determined to do it and it really ticks off the bees. I actually saw one disappear into the hive for a min or two and was dragged out by other bees. they actually made it past the gurards. My question is can they intruders take over my hive. some ofthe bees don't even seem to care if their there. Your comments please
    Walt, Brunswick Ohio

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    BILLY BOB Guest


    Hi Walt,

    They are not trying to take over the hive, but just going after food. Put a entrance reducer on. I'm sure the weather in Ohio should be getting cooler so it should help the hive with a smaller entrance to gurard.

    Billy Bob

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    I agree with the smaller entrance. Sounds like they are defending the hive. Not all of the bees are gaurds and some don't feel it's their duty to gaurd.


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