Just an update in general, and a few questions.

I went throught the hive to get them ready for winter. I installed mouse guards and counted the honey. My first hive has about 7 capped frames divided betwwen a shallow and a medium super of honey and a NEW QUEEN! I don't know when it happened, but she is no longer marked. She looked nice though. Should I get a new marked (known genetics) queen next year?

My second hive has 9 frames of medium fully capped. I took of the shallow because it was empty and not even drawn out except part of a frame. This hive had the original queen still (marked green). Both hives had the deep brood box mostly empty except a little uncapped/capped honey. No brood.

Both hives had SHB. There were about 15-20 per hive. Is this high or low? Action level? I have not medicated for anything this year. I also found a lone moth in one of the hives. I did not notice any damage on the frames.

Thanks for the help