I've visited this web sight a few times and today a new friend (iddee) who is a member here suggested that I register as a member.

I am part owner in a small family farm; We farm Boer goats Orchard grass hay several acres of garden and now a small but growing bee operation in Union county North Carolina.

I manager a feed mill for Perdue Farms Inc (As my day job) and farm the rest of my leisure time away. The bees are not a new item to the farm but we never spent any time learning why we lost so many hives in years past (actualy had little to no time left to spend.)

The new hives have sparked a new interest in learning all I can to keep them alive and healthy. I hope to be a master bee-keeper at some point in life and would sure appreciate any advice from the pro's.
I prefer to learn as many natural treatments and remedies as possible for general bee hive problems but I'll sure be thankful for any good advice..