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Thread: stealing bees

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    My bees left last nov. don't know why// have had hive for a couple years, now the other day I say lots of bee swarming around I thought great I was so jacked a swarm came, but thay all dissapear at night and now I think thay are just stealing raiding whats left in the frams. Is there any way I can lure the queen in, there are lots of bees more than Ive ever seen swarming around and going inside.other wise I was about to burchase a new swarm and qqueen.
    thanke Missy

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    Hi missy,

    Sounds like another hive has found what honey was left in your hive. You can make/buy swarm traps, and buy pheromones to draw swarms to the traps. Your best bet is to go ahead a buy a new package of bees. I have caught swarms before, but there is no way to tell if you will get a swarm this season or next.

    Might want to find out why your bees left the first time. You don't want it to happen again.

    Billy Bob


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