Well good news,hived seven packages today with only one small problem.Still have 6 more to hive and should have no problems with them .
The only problem was I've never used the wooden queen cages before and I pulled the wrong cork out and released the queen into the blue sky.But did as MB suggested and stood still and she did return to the package cage.She then flew right into the hive.Looked like they had accepted her so I left her alone..
I can say with all the calling to Bolling Bees last year it sure was nice to be able to pick up these when they said they'd be ready.
Very nice people to deal with and talk to.Third generation bee folk.Norman Bee Farm in Ramer,Alabama has my vote as a trusted supplier.
They should have queens until October for those interested.Italians.
$50.00 for 3#.He did say he'd rather sell 50 cheap than 25 at a price no one can afford.
I think the queens are around $15.00 but not sure.
23 hives in 2 years,wow.My two acre yard is buzzing now..
Looking for cheap land for more bee yards now,lol.

Hope everyone has a great flow this year,along with some rain..