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    I know this should probably be posted in the for sale section but I have a feeling that it is not visited that often and time is a little of the essence.

    I will be building a number of steel hive stands about 12 to 18" tall in the next couple of weeks. They are simple stands made out of 1" angle iron 1/8" thick. Your standard hive will fit nicely on top of them.

    I will be ordering the steel (it comes in 20' sections) some time this week. and sitting down to cut and weld the following week. I figure the cost will be around $14 a piece, probably a little cheaper.

    If your in or around portland drop me a line at and let mw know if your interested so I can add some additional steel stock on to my order. I'm simply tired of looking at cinder blocks and having weeble-wobble hives.


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    Id did something similar but my hives are 8' off of the groun:'O I have more than a few bears and I just did not want to mess with fences.


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